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Updated Oct 26, 2020.


Core & More Pilates follows the guidelines of the RIVM. This includes guaranteeing the safety and health of our participants and teachers at all times  first. Below is an overview of the measures.


In the studio:

  • Get dressed in advance at home.

  • Wear socks and bring your own water bottle.

  • Come to the studio no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of the class.

  • Wear a mouth mask when entering and leaving and when you walk around the studio. You can take off your mouth cap during class.

  • Wait outside until the teacher lets you in. Come in one by one.

  • Follow the directions of the teacher and the instructions available in the studio.

  • Always keep 1,5 meters away from each other.

  • Stay on your mat as much as possible.

  • Use your own towel or mat or clean the studio mat carefully after class.

  • It is not possible to use the changing rooms.

  • Use the toilet as little as possible, clean with disinfectant spray after use.

  • The teacher does not give “hands on” instructions and stays on her own mat as much as possible.

  • After class, clean the materials used with the disinfectant spray.


  • Disinfect your hands and/or wash your hands with soap and water on arrival and after class.

  • Don't shake hands.

  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow and / or use a paper handkerchief that you throw away immediately after use

  • Don't touch your face.

  • Do not come to the studio with a cold, runny nose, decreased/loss of smell/taste, (mild) dry cough, unusual headache and fatigue, sore throat, increase or fever or if someone in your household has tested positive for the new Coronavirus (Covid- 19).

  • Do not come to the studio if you have been in contact with someone who has any of the above symptoms.

  • Do not come to the studio within 24 hours of stopping the above complaints.

  • If you belong to one of the risk groups, only come to the studio if you think it is responsible. This is true for:

  • All persons over 70 years of age

  • All persons over the age of 18 with one of the underlying conditions who have an increased risk of becoming infected and/or have a high chance of a more serious course:

    • abnormalities and functional disorders of the airways and lungs

    • chronic heart disease

    • diabetes

    • severe kidney disease leading to dialysis or kidney transplantation.

    • reduced resistance to infections due to medication for autoimmune diseases, after organ transplantation, in haematological disorders, in congenital or later-onset immune disorders requiring treatment, or in chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment in cancer patients.

    • with an HIV infection in consultation with the HIV practitioner.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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